So I’ve been banned from commenting on a second Facebook page that I was a part of.  This really isn’t news.  Frankly, I shouldn’t be upset about it, but I am.  Not in an “end of the world” upset, but more like a disappointed upset.  Allow me to explain:

A few months back I was disallowed commenting privileges on the page Am I Libertarian?  My offense?  I had commented that libertarians are supposed to be more independent minded, yet there is a cult-like following and agreement with any and all things done by a Rand or Ron Paul.

A few days ago I was booted from commenting from the page Grunt Stuff because I dared challenge the moderator who said that everyone should be conscripted into the military following high school.  I stated that this was a violation of the 13th Amendment, and that the draft was in effect, slavery.  This isn’t appropriate for a supposedly free country.

Why do I care?  Well, here’s the deal:  I’m a libertarian.  I’m a grunt.  These are MY PEOPLE.  Were I to make such a comment challenging the dogma of people who I were ideologically opposed with I would expect such behavior.  Hell, were I to have spoken inflammatory or made personal attacks I wouldn’t have been upset at getting the ban hammer.  But I didn’t.  I expect more of my people.  For a libertarian group to kick someone out for not following dogma causes me to fear for our cause.  I expect the free intercourse of ideas from a libertarian.

An infantry based page should also know better.  These pages are regularly being shut down by Facebook for stating things that aren’t terribly popular.  They then go and rightfully complain about people being butthurt and acting like crybabies who try to shut down ideas they don’t like.  But then, an infantry page, people whose ideas are being discriminated against and people who additionally should be above having their feel bads hurt go and shut down the voice of a fellow grunt, well, again, it just makes me sad and causes a little bit of my faith that we’re going to make it after all dwindle.


Actual picture posted by the admin of grunt stuff hours before banning me for stating the draft is slavery.

I concede that I expect too much of my people.  I concede that I should probably just lower my standards.  But that just isn’t going to happen.  I simply compartmentalize these people and groups and move on in my search for those special few that keep the world spinning.  They’re out there…somewhere.