When I joined the Marine Corps at 18 I stood with my hand in the air and swore an oath to uphold the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That oath has no expiration date.  So when your Constitutional rights are violated I take it as a personal affront.    We hear that our government infringes upon our rights on a daily basis.  I am mission-driven to prevent our government from injuring her own people.  We see these infringements in the form of warrantless wiretaps, the IRS targeting groups for their political beliefs, and mayors trying to ban large sodas just to name a few.  Enough!

Who do I defend?

— Citizens illegally searched by the police

— Citizens subject to police brutality

— Business owners burdened by unfair regulations

— Property owners being told what they can or can’t do on their land

— City / State / County government not honoring their contracts

— Any situation where a citizen is being mistreated by his or her own government

Man Sues Couer d’ Alene


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