Misdemeanors and Felonies

pixellaurenHave you been charged with a misdemeanor?  Many misdemeanors are victimless crimes; they hurt no one whatsoever.  I’m personally offended by the idea that an Idaho citizen can be charged with possession for smoking marijuana, for not wearing a seat belt, for having a beer in public, or breaking some obscure regulation dreamt up by some unelected official.  In a free country you should be left alone if you aren’t hurting anyone else.  Well, since I can’t legalize it, I can do my best to limit the impact a possession or other misdemeanor charge has on your life.  I’m relentless in my research and will spend hours on your case to get you the absolute best outcome possible.

–Did you get caught drinking “underage” because you’re 20?  — I’ve got you covered.

–Were you charged with assault or battery when you got in a fight with someone disrespecting your girlfriend?  — I’ll take care of you.

–Charged with a DUI?  Learn from your mistake — I’ll defend you.

–Were you charged for being drunk and disorderly?  Perhaps you were minding your own business before being harassed by an officer, and now you’re wondering why you’re in the back of a police cruiser being charged with obstruction.  It happens more often than you would imagine.  — I’m there for you, itching to pick a fight with those who seek to take your freedom or your property.

….”But Jefferson, I’ve been charged with a felony!”

Felony Criminal Defense

I don’t like using the term “criminal defense”, which is why I call myself Idaho’s Citizen Defense Lawyer.  You are innocent until proven guilty, so it is simply wrong to call it criminal defense.

You’ve been arrested and charged with a felony.  You’re facing prison time, which can be a terrifying experience.  Know that I give every client my full attention. Your freedom is important to me and I will fight for it by scouring every case, statute, and detail of your arrest to defend you.  Perhaps the most important job a lawyer can perform is to protect all citizens by making certain that the government is forced to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

YOU are innocent until proven guilty.  I will make sure that from the moment you are represented by me, the law will be on your side.