divorce  I was married.  Now I’m a divorced single parent.  Divorce is one of the most trying times in a person’s life.  Coming from someone who has been to war that’s really saying something!  Divorce is hard mentally, emotionally, and surprisingly, physically.  I’ve been there, spending weeks on the couch barely able to pull myself out of a depression.  Simply getting up to take a shower or to feed myself was an accomplishment.

If you think divorce is hard on you, it’s even worse if you’ve got children. I abhor doing custody work.  If I take you on for a custody battle, I feel like I’m doing you a favor.  Why?  Because in order for me to take on a client for a custody battle I need to make absolutely certain I’ve vetted you personally as a client.  I absolutely have to believe that you as a client and a parent have your child’s well-being as your primary concern.  I will not help a parent use their child as a weapon against their spouse.  Custody battles take a physical and emotional toll on me because I invest myself personally in your success.

When I take a client on for a divorce or custody battle I bill them at a flat rate.  I want you calling me regularly without the fear of me starting the clock on you and running up your bill.  I want you thinking first and foremost about how we are going to fight your case, rather than being afraid of how much I’m going to bill you each month.  I want to ensure you are giving me every bit of information you have to help you succeed, and to pull through this event mentally intact.

Going through a divorce or custody fight?  Call me.  We’ll pull you through together.

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