“Ya this teacher is hard af. Never again taking any classes with him. Really tough grader. This dude is a new teacher and straight out of the marines. Good Luck.”  — Anonymous Student Review


Excellent knowledge, he knows his law and if he’s not familiar he’s quick to learn for your case. He truly cares what happens and wants honest justice. Great public speaker, he is most eloquent. He is also very understanding when it comes to compensation. Jefferson is a good man and an outstanding attorney.” — Anonymous Client


“Jefferson Griffith is a reliable man with honor and integrity and has more fight in him than any attorney I have ever seen or worked with. My experience with him has shown that he will never stop fighting no matter the cost. Best attorney for your money hands down.” — Eric


“Jefferson was very responsive to all my emails, and knowledgeable regarding his profession I would recommend him to my closest friends” — Anonymous Client


“This was a really stressful situation but Mr. Griffeath helped me out with high motivation and strong knowledge of the legal system. He also had a strong knowledge of the military aspect, which was specific for my case. He kept me informed and explained everything with detail and answered all of my questions. He did an amazing job and I am very grateful. Would definitely recommend hiring him as your attorney.” — Anonymous Client


“As someone who had never been in trouble, I had very few tools to deal with getting a DUI. Not only did Jefferson reassure me, he helped educate me to the process and all that goes with it. He did everything he said he was going to do, and everything I needed. He kept me informed along the way. Something as simple as “you don’t need to do anything, I just wanted to let you know” helped me know he had everything under control and I didn’t need to worry. Once things progressed to court, I was surprised and even more impressed with Jefferson, when I saw how unprepared other people were. My lawyer took care of exactly what needed to be taken care of so I didn’t need to worry. The whole process is traumatic and scary enough on its own, so having a good lawyer take some of the weight off made all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend Jefferson and plan to do so in the future.” — DUI Client


“Honest and understanding, Jefferson’s professionalism and ability to explain things in down to earth language really brought a lot of value to my situation. His straight forward pricing was great too- gave me a very good idea of how much I needed to come up with. I don’t anticipate needing his services again any time soon (hopefully!) but if I do get myself in a bind, he’ll be the first person I call!” — Luke


“He has been a great help to my family, initially aiding my nephew in dealing with a minor accident, and then on several occasions with coustody questions.” — Tracy


“Jefferson was referred to me by an old classmate. She told me Jefferson would be a true advocate for me, and he did not disappoint in that regard. From our initial meeting I could tell that Jefferson was going to do everything he could to protect my interest. He was financially flexible, and took the time to get the story straight; I really appreciated both of those qualities. I would recommend Jefferson to anyone in need of criminal defense or any of the other legal issues that would require one to really desire to have a competent and honest personal defender.” — Criminal Defense Client


“I hired Mr. Grffeath when I unexpectedly found myself in the middle of a misdemeanor case. He was very professional and supportive. I was kept informed continuously, and he was able to get the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges against me. He struck me as a moral attorney who loves to fight for the little guy. We need more lawyers like him.” — Criminal Defense Client


“Jefferson was a big help during my divorce. He was professional, courteous, and level headed which helped me stay sane thru the process. He was accomodating on the payments because he knew I’m broke and didn’t want me to lose any more money. He would also just listen if I neede to blow off steam about my ex. Overall very helpful for the whole thing.” — Divorce Client


“Jefferson Griffeath is the lawyer to hire whatever trouble you may be in with the law. He is very professional and always on time. I was always kept up to date with my case. Whenever I had a question, it was answered immediately. He put his full effort into the case and did whatever he could to defend my side. I would hire Jefferson Griffeath without thinking twice.” — Anonymous Client


“Jefferson Griffeath provided legal advice and represented me through my child custody case and my divorce. He is somebody that I can trust and turn to any time I need legal advice or guidance. He cares about his clients, and he puts his own high standards of practice and concern for his client’s well being above his own monetary gain. He has a strong vision for his practice and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney.” — Divorce Client


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