Look, I get that you may not like cops.  Hell, I’m generally distrusting of the police.  A large portion of why I’m a defense attorney is because of my distrust of the police, along with a bad run in with Moscow PD which resulted in having my Constitutional rights violated by one of Moscow’s finest.

That said, I’m not sure not letting cops into your establishment is a good idea.  There are a few reasons for this:

— it isn’t appropriately targeted.  It is the idea of the police in general that was being being kicked out.  Even someone as unfriendly toward the police as myself will admit that SOME police are necessary, even if the “some” is about 10% or so of what they have right now.  Maybe don’t let in ones with a track record of abuse.  Don’t kick them ALL out.

— You poked the bear.  Do you really think this is going to result in fewer cops around your establishment?  In fact, it’ll probably end up in more patrols, with people AROUND your business being harassed.  You don’t poke a bear.  You either kill it or you leave it alone.

— Additionally, I can’t imagine that you’re going to be a top priority to help when you actually call the cops.  And you ARE going to call the cops when you need them.  You run a hipster commie Portland coffee joint.  You do not run CD’s Smoke Pit, with their 10% discount to people carrying firearms.  CD’s will NOT need to call the cops to solve their problems.  You will.

— Finally, that cop you kicked out was none other than Jim Crooker.  He was my Staff Sergeant in Iraq.  He’s the most honorable officer I’ve met in my life.  He’s one of the precious few good men in a profession in desperate need of good men.  He does however need to grow his mustache back.  It was epic.  I promise.   Besides, I’m sure if you got the “red” in your “red and black”, those cops would just be soooooooo nice to everyone, just like in all of those other “red” countries.  So, congratulations on that, YAAFM.

Though I gotta say that comparison to the civil rights movement…… I think you’d probably take that one back if you could SSgt.