I concede, this is probably a hilariously simple accomplishment for most people, but I spent the last 2 days at a total of about 7 hours, changing the brakes on my truck.  Let me show you what my rotor looked like:



Either way, the truck is back in the fight!  What’s neat is how much simple grade school education comes into play if only you remember it.  As I’d been taught before, you need a buddy to help bleed your brakes.  You loosen the bleeder valve, press the brake, close the valve.  When you’ve pushed all the air bubbles out you’re set.  You close the bleeder valve after you press the brake because if you don’t it’ll suck air back in.

Well, I didn’t have any friends to help me out.  But then grade school science made its appearance.  What if I just put the hose into a clear bottle that already had brake fluid in it?  It wouldn’t be able to suck up any air.  So, I set things up and press the brakes while watching the bottle.  The bubbles stop and the brakes are bled.

I felt a similar feeling of accomplishment recently regarding my trash can.  You know the common problem of putting a trash bag in there and the bag not going in right because of all the air trapped in there.  Well, grade school science my friend.  I grab a drill and make a hole.  The air pushes out as the bag goes in.

Fixing computers, fixing trucks, and fixing your legal problems.  BAMCIS!