I consider myself a libertarian (notice the small l).  However, once again, I’m reminded of just how disagreeable Libertarians can be.  In any political debate I find myself in, it isn’t the liberals or conservatives that are the nastiest, but rather the libertarians.

When Chris Kyle was murdered, Ron Paul stated that, “those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”  Apparently because Chris Kyle fought in a war, it was okay that he be murdered while generously volunteering his time.  In general, libertarians either backed up Paul, or they simply stated that he chose his words poorly — not that he was wrong.

Now we are dealing with this murder in England.  I’ll have some very choice words later on it.  But the libertarian world is talking about how this is “[u]ndeniable blowback. Ron Paul is proven right once again, sadly at the loss of yet another life. We must return to a humble, non-provocative and non-interventionist foreign policy.”

Considering Ron Paul’s feelings about Chris Kyle, I am left curious about how he feels about this.  But let me teach you a little lesson here on blowback.

In 1999 I was a senior in high school.  In my AP Government class I spoke out about the need for intervention in Afghanistan against the Taliban.  My reasoning was the oppression of women as the Taliban took power over a reasonably secular government.  Shortly after, I’m in the Corps watching the Twin Towers fall.

Now, I’ve said we should have at least listened to the “why” of their actions.  The reasoning was the presence of Americans on Saudi “holy land”.  But we were there at the request of the Saudi Government.  A MONARCHY.  So don’t get pissed at us if you don’t want us there, maybe go after your unelected rulers.

Now, libertarians call this action blowback for our bad behavior.  It works both ways.  I point my finger at the American Government all the time.  My entire practice ideally would be focused around holding the government’s feet to the fire.  But don’t you call this murder blowback for Afghanistan.  Afghanistan was blowback for hosting the leaders of a group THAT KILLED A BUNCH OF OUR PEOPLE.

Last I looked we weren’t in Afghanistan before 9/11.

Even without 9/11 Afghanistan was justified.  Hey fundy religious folks, maybe don’t oppress people and then people won’t mess with you.  Simple, that.

/rant.  Enjoy the music.